Heating,Ventilation & Air Conditioning

No matter how complicated the application, Green Mechanical Construction, Inc. can design and install the system for you. Whether it is rooftop units, boilers or high tech ventilation we have the experience necessary to meet your standards from beginning to end.


Service Area


Although we call Kentucky home, Green Mechanical is licensed to operate in KY, OH, IN, TN, SC, NC, WV, AL, and MS. Not sure if your project is located within our service region? Just ask! Chances are, we can help.

Plumbing and Piping

Outstanding plumbing and piping systems don’t just happen by accident. It takes coordinated planning, quality tools, materials and personnel brought together with years of experience. If your project is plan/spec, design/build, fast tracked or construction management, Green Mechanical has the experience to do the job.



Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Green Mechanical Construction, Inc. we have a sheet metal fabrication facility with specialized, state of the art tools and equipment as well as personnel that allows us to meet scheduled deadlines with guaranteed accuracy. Meeting our customers’ budget requirements without compromising their high standards of quality and design has always been our focus. The ability to customize your system in house is just one of many ways we meet your standards.



One of the most important steps in our industry is design. Meeting your needs is what is most important, but that comes with a lot of variables. Our on staff, licensed engineers can design the mechanical system that is right for YOU. There are hundreds of possibilities, but only one that fits your application and budget requirements. Don’t settle for just any design, let our engineers make sure your needs are met.

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Our most valued asset is our employees, therefore it is our responsibility to make sure we give them the training needed to stay ahead in our industry. The mechanical industry is always changing, therefore it is important that we keep our employees up to date on all the new technology as well as making sure that our staff has the ability to grow within our company. Training and educating our people is the foundation of our future. That is why we built a state of the art training facility.